The Ethical Clothing Co. was created in 2019 by Robyn Geddes and Sam Flynn - two women, from a small island, wanting to make a big effort to do everything we could to create a clothing brand that is fashionable, sustainable, completely biodegradable and plastic free!

Robyn studied entomology at university and has always done everything possible to leave the smallest footprint possible on the planet. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to sustainability. 

Sam is equally as eco-conscious and has previously managed a business with a design focus. She loves to get hands on designing in the workshop! 

We both wanted to do something good for the environment, that will make people happy whilst spreading important messages and have no lasting impact on the Earth (did we mention our produces are 100% biodegradable!?). 

We will always be as clear as possible on what our products are made of and where they are sourced, we will always print with a water based ink and nothing will EVER be delivered to you in plastic packaging. 

'At least 10% of the 100 million tons of plastic we use every year end up in the oceans. This is equivalent to the weight of 700 billion plastic bottles. Put on top of each other these bottles would reach further than the sun. But they are not going to the sun. They are in our oceans and will stay there.' - The World Counts

'What we do over the next 20 years will determine the fate of all life on Earth.' - David Attenborough, Our Planet

Our T-shirts and bags are manufactured by Earth Positive, part of Continental Clothing Co.

The items we sell are made from 100% Combed Organic Cotton. They are also certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Fair Wear Foundation and Climate Neutral.

The Sustainable, Plastic-free Clothing Company

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